Logos Bible Software and the Society of Biblical Literature are pleased to announce the release of a new, critically edited Greek New Testament.


The SBLGNT is edited by Michael W. Holmes, who utilized a wide range of printed editions, all the major critical apparatuses, and the latest technical resources and manuscript discoveries as he established the text. The result is a critically edited text that differs from the Nestle-Aland/United Bible Societies text in more than 540 variation units.

Freely Available

The SBLGNT is available as a free download. Students, teachers, pastors, and interested laypersons can use the SBLGNT right now for research, writing, and study—at no cost.


The text of the SBLGNT has been encoded in a Unicode-compliant font so users can exchange files easily without having to secure a special Greek font. Users may use SBLGreek or any other Unicode font that supports the full range of Greek characters.


The SBLGNT is licensed freely under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

Available in Print

A reasonably-priced professionally produced print edition of the SBLGNT is also available directly from SBL. It includes the full apparatus of variant readings from the four primary editions on which the SBLGNT is based.

With Smyth-sewn binding, a Kivar cover, and reader-friendly type, the print edition provides a durable, affordable alternative for scholarly research and classroom use.